Yay, first post! :)

Whoa, first post. I’m pretty lost on this whole wordpress thing, so bare with my while I get my blog (that I hope will look flipping awesome) up and running.

As I’m doing my morning searches (which I do everyday, oh this things I have to tell you) 🙂 I came across this post on yahoo.com (published by SELF): http://shine.yahoo.com/photos/top-10-superfoods-slideshow-165700005/#crsl=%252Fphotos%252Ftop-10-superfoods-slideshow%252F-photo-2305390-165700726.html I honor everything I read from SELF I swear. 🙂 I love them.

I love articles like this because you can look and see which foods you’re already eating and feel great about it or see how many you aren’t eating and feel bad about it. haha. Ugh, just so many rules when it comes to eating healthy and clean. If you’re a beginner in this, i’m with you. I’ve always been “healthy” I just want to be healthier and healthy more often. Once you get to know me, you’ll think I’m crazy because I do eat well, but one can always be better, right?! And that brings me back to starting a blog….:) so you all can help me with my decision making and the goals I make for myself.

Question of the day?

Whats your unhealthy habit?

This post talks about all the


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