Sorry For Partying…

Actually it’s the opposite. I apologize for being boring….finals were this week, so I hope I get some leeway from you all. Next week, I’ll be cooler 🙂 !!!!

I leave for New York this evening, wish me luck. I am seeing agencies Friday morning, both Ford and One for now. Maybe one more, maybe not, either way if they want me to stay in NY it’s probably unrealistic, since my life is in Miami. I’ve done the whole NY-thing, lived there, went broke there, haha you know the drill. My man, my baby (my dog, Boo), my house is all here.

    <<<————- I mean get out of town, right?!?! She’s ridiculous.

So once I’m back from New York, I’ll get back at it, recipes, cooking, photos (still with my Iphone, I know, I know) workouts, and a update on how NY went for me! Have a wonderful rest of the week guys! I’ll be posting Saturday once I return!

xoxo, J


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